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from Herbal Delights, Mrs C.F. Leyel, recipes

Syllabub of Roses

take the white of a new-laid egg, eta well, and beat into it conserve of red Roses till the whole is the consistency of a thick cream.
This is excellent for sor throats.

Claret of Roses
for a strain

Boil a good handful of red Rose petals in a pint of claret for an hour. Then dip into it a piece of linen or flannel, apply to the strained part and keep it on all night, covering with oiled silk to keep in the moisture.

Honey of Roses

Infuse 4 onces of the dried buds of red Roses for six hours in a little distilled boiling water; mix 5 pounds of clarified honey into the strained liquor, and boil it to a syrup.

Syrup of Roses

Infuse 3 pounds of Damask Rose petals ina gallon of warm water in a well-glazed earthen pot with a narrow mouth for 8 hours, which stop so close that none of teh virtue may exhale. When they have infused so long, heat the water again, squeeze them out and put in 3 pounds more of Rose leaves to infuse for 8 hours more; then press them out very hard; and to every quart of this infusion add 4 pounds of fine sugar and boil it to a syrup.

Mrs Glasse

Conserve of Red Roses

Take rose buds and pick them: cut off the white part from the red and part the red flowers and sift them through a sieve to take out the seeds, then weigh them, to every pund of flowers take 2 1/2 pounds of loaf sugar: beat the flowers pretty fine in a stone mortar, then by degrees put the sugar to them and heat it very well, till it is well incorporated together; then put into gallipots, tie over with paper, over that a leather, and it will keep for seven years.

I have been making rose vinegar, with cider vinegar, it quickly pulls the colour from deep petals and changes colour to golden pink. I use flower/herb cider vinegars (lavender, rosemary, sage, elderflower) in the final rinse water when washing my hair or face. It helps restore the natural acid mantle. Also very useful in salad dressings.

for more rose recipes on the internet, I found the following site interesting:

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